Flu (Influenza)

Who should get the Flu Shot?

Flu Adults 


Older adults are more likely to contract the flu virus and to have serious flu-related complications.

There are many different flu vaccines available, including High Dose vaccine tailored to adults 65 years and older. Talk to your Sutter Pharmacist for information on the different available formulations and help picking the one to best meet your needs. 

Flu Kids


Children are more likely to have flu-related complications if they catch the flu virus. The CDC recommends all children 6 months and up receive a flu vaccination.

Sutter Pharmacy offers walk-in flu shots without a prescription for ages 12+

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Who needs the flu shot? YOU DO! Yes, we're talking to YOU!

Even healthy people can get the flu or be a carrier to spread it to others. Flu vaccination not only protects the person receiving it, but it also protects their family, friends, and community by preventing the spread of the virus to others.

Protect yourself and the ones you love by getting your flu shot!